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I adore good deals. I like to save. I detest spending money, too. I am happy to use coupons, thus. I do not shop with “extreme” couponers who save 50% or more. I do, however, save a few hundred dollars annually merely by using coupons. I want to use coupons to help you save money on groceries! So I wrote a piece called Coupon 101. Posting it on visual platforms like Youtube might be an excellent idea because more people prefer watching videos than reading. Instead of wasting time attempting to gain attention, purchase YouTube followers.

At the end of the post, I’ll even provide you with actual figures showing how much money we saved in 2013 by using coupons.

How do you use coupons? – Couponing 101
How do coupons work?
A piece of paper or a code that, for a short time, enables you to receive a discount or save money on a specific product for a specific amount.

Where can I find coupons?
your local Sunday newspaper’s inside

the letterbox

insert in red plum (Wednesdays)
ValPaks on or in items every month

after check-out, at the cash register

coupons for groceries online
Coupons at or (need to sign up) (need to sign up) (sign up optional) (sign up optional) (sign up required) (sign up required) and
Services/Coupons for Deals Online

Company Pages on Facebook
Newsletter subscriptions by email \ \
How are coupons organized?
I use paper clips, binders with inserts made from playing card sheets, or an accordion file folder.

Sort them into categories like dairy, meat, frozen, drinks, snacks, essentials, cleaning supplies, baby supplies, restaurant supplies, and paper goods, among others. Sort the items within the categories by brands, product type, retailer, and/or expiration dates.

How are coupons used?
After the cashier has scanned all of the products, provide them your coupons, your shop loyalty card, or your smartphone.

If you post electronic coupons to your consumers’ card, they will be removed in pieces. Electronic and paper coupons cannot be used in conjunction with one another (or “stacked”).

Every coupon is only valid for the specific product, size, and variation listed. Observe “like coupons” restrictions. Before giving the coupon to the cashier, be sure it is still valid.

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Never purchase, trade, or copy coupons. This is against the law.

The Best Coupon Saving Method?
Use in addition to markdowns, sales, clearance, and other reductions.

Combined with in-store BOGO promotions, use two coupons. Even though one is “free” with the in-store discount, since you are purchasing two goods, two coupons may be utilized.

Just purchase items that you genuinely require and intend to use.

To optimize your discounts, prepare your shopping trip in advance.

Combine production and store coupons. such as a P&G and a Target coupon.

Have a list of “Buy Prices.” Knowing the unit cost of your favorite things will help you determine what a “good price” actually is.

Before visiting major establishments (Staples, Michaels, Old Navy, etc.), search online for coupons.

If discounts and deals still don’t make it cheaper than store brand, buy generic.

How long does it take to use coupons?
I usually do couponing for 1-3 hours every week. If I don’t print or look for coupons online, I spend less time doing so. Additionally, I only remove the expired coupons from my accordion folder once a month (at the start of each month), which takes me approximately 20 to 30 minutes. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes to cut coupons. It can take ten minutes or longer to sort the coupons and place them in your folder. When I get the newspaper and the ads on Sundays, I usually do the majority of my couponing.

How much money do coupons save you?
How much money you actually save will vary depending on the things you purchase, how much you spend, how frequently you shop, and if you shop wisely. However, just utilizing coupons, my family and I have saved more than $680 this year (see full analysis below). Between May 2012 through the end of that year, we made about $350 in savings. By shopping sales, we’ve saved even more money. We have amassed a small supply of food and toiletries thanks to discounts. This means that when we run out of anything we need, we won’t have to pay full price.

When purchasing online, how to use coupons
Look for discount or promotional codes from websites like to use at the checkout.

Use one of my three favorite cash-back websites before making an online purchase:

The Smart Way to Save for College with Upromise
(110% Price Match Guarantee) ShopAtHome
Price Match at
All three retailers—Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon—do price matching and currently advertise bargains online. Inform them if you discover a better offer or discount! There’s a good chance you can get the bargain price!

My 2013 Analysis of Coupon Savings
For a full year, I kept track of my coupon savings! And I must admit, doing so is quite a task! I’m not sure if I’ll be as motivated to keep track of it in 2014 as I was in 2013. At times, this year was excellent for using coupons. I spent a whole month experimenting with couponing at Target, gathered a supply of food and toiletries, and got a Sam’s Club membership. It’s difficult to see sale/discount savings on Target receipts, so I’m sure I didn’t record every coupon, every receipt, or every savings. However, based on what I was able to easily track and record throughout the last year, here is how we did:

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The most money was saved in February ($127.50), which is ironic considering it was the shortest month!

The smallest sum saved in a month was $8.38 in December (When I fell off the couponing bandwagon)

Average Monthly Savings: $57.24

$686.90 was saved in total by using coupons.

Savings on purchases on average: 11.2%

$1,761.51 was saved in total with coupons and sales.

25% was saved overall using coupons and sales.

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