18 Outrageous Real Estate Marketing Ideas That Actually Worked

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Real estate marketing strategies that are outrageous have proven to be calculated risks that have paid off, generating interest, sales, and word-of-mouth without breaking the bank. Some real estate agents dabble in the absurd and discover that it actually helped to boost their business, while many struggle to stand out in fiercely competitive market spaces.

There are other effective real estate marketing strategies, even if you’re not quite ready to dive into the outrageous just yet. Check out our comprehensive list of Real Estate Marketing Ideas the Pros Use if you like. On YouTube, people who work in the marketing industry frequently look for information on this subject. They are eager to learn more specifics about it. Don’t pass up the opportunity to increase your audience. Purchase YouTube views right away to start seeing results.

Here are 18 outlandish real estate marketing strategies that were successful:

1. “Relocating to Canada?”
Source: Charleston City Paper, Jeff Cook, Real Estate Agent, Jeff Cook Real Estate

Jeff Cook’s creative, bipartisan billboards garnered free publicity on Fox News, The Huffington Post, The Hill, and numerous other websites that would have cost a fortune to advertise on. His original strategy earned him press attention and links to stories from websites with high authority by summing up the complaints of many individuals and exploiting this to his advantage. His website now appears substantially higher in Google search results because to the mentions and links he received from websites with strong domain authority. This inevitably results in more phone calls, emails, and completed transactions.

2. “Hello Realtor” by Adele
Real estate agent Megan Hill Mitchum, Century 21
Megan Hill Mitchum had the bravery to parody Adele in a YouTube video, and it was well received and generated a lot of laughter. She nailed it with more than 310,000 views, original lyrics revised to include home sales, and a fantastic voice.

“Hello, it’s me…the average buyer sees 12 properties, but we’ve viewed 63,” the first line begins. is a really great lead-in, and the clever use of imagery—celebrating with clients and popping champagne—is perfect. In addition to having a fantastic sense of humor, Mitchum is also a skilled real estate agent, ranking in the top 5% of sellers in the Circle of Excellence of the Des Moines Area Association of Realtors.

The “Open Concept” Residence 3.
Open concept residence by Eric Bonetti, Realtor with Royce Real Estate

Eric Bonetti’s inventiveness made a vacant lot entertaining and visually appealing. When given the job of marketing the vacant land, Bonetti put a door in the middle of it and dubbed it a “open concept” house. The picture was posted on Reddit, where it garnered some interest. We don’t know if the lot sold as a result of these unconventional marketing strategies, but it did so quickly after becoming popular.

‘The X-Ray Realtor,’ 4.
Coldwell Banker X-Ray Realtor campaign by Patricia Houlihan, real estate agent

Patricia Houlihan made the decision to make her next real estate advertisement stand out and express a kernel of truth because the majority of them are uninteresting and dry. She created “The X-Ray Realtor,” a highly effective advertising campaign that was featured on CBC News and Adweek.

Houlihan was able to demonstrate her distinctive value offer while making people laugh in her dual roles as an attorney and real estate salesperson. Houlihan would really be able to spot traps that a typical real estate salesperson could overlook because he is an attorney. Everyone wants to collaborate with a professional who is both informed and enjoyable. This outdoor advertising campaign is successful because it has a fantastic sense of humor and a strong point of professional distinction.

Fifth: “Every Day I’m Hustlin”
Real estate agents Zach McReynolds and Cherie Brown of NextHome Real Estate Rockstars
These real estate agents have garnered notice for their Santa Clarita, California-based real estate agency with more than 115,000 views on YouTube thanks to their snappy lyrics and Rick Ross-inspired video. Cherie Brown and Zach McReynolds don’t take themselves too seriously but convey that they have fun and love what they do by rapping about checking the multiple listing service (MLS) at 4 a.m., mentioning their Twitter account, and dancing in protective shoe covers during open houses.

Check out our article on four real estate videos that every real estate agent should be able to produce if rap videos aren’t your thing but you’re still interested in using a more conventional variety in your advertising or social media platforms.

Real estate agent Kenny Truong, Climb Real Estate #FASTAGENT branding

Kenny Truong transformed an outdated medium into something exceptional. Truong developed ads using only his hashtag, #FASTAGENT, as opposed to the conventional bench advertisements that include headshots, taglines, and phone numbers. Nothing additional about who they were for or what they were advertising was left in the advertisement. Thousands of Oakland residents checked Twitter to find out who or what #FASTAGENT was after seeing the advertisements, which piqued their curiosity enough. They would find his Twitter feed when they searched. According to Truong, his viral marketing prank generated a ton of new leads and closed business. He was named an Inman News most inventive agent or broker because of how effectively the advertisement performed.

7. “Call Me Perhaps?”
Coldwell Banker Luxury Real Estate Agent Jessica Edwards & Associates
A tactic that succeeded for North Carolina-based real estate agents Jessica Edwards & Associates was to take a song lyric that is effective for real estate advertising and have a lot of fun lip-syncing it. While they danced and had a great time trying to convince potential clients to call them, this hilarious real estate video amassed more than 47,000 views on YouTube. Having a real estate agent who knows how to keep his or her chin up and unwind is undoubtedly beneficial for business in a field where stress is a hallmark.

The Phantom Realtor
Harry Norman Realtors’ Sue Stanford is a real estate agent.
Realtor ghost Sue Stanford

After being advised to do so by business consultant Nathan Fielder, this California realtor started a business selling houses that had been confirmed by a medium to be ghost-free. Fielder was a mock comic filming an episode of his Comedy Central TV show “Nathan for You,” but Sue Stanford was unaware of this. She still liked the concept, and she received a lot of favorable press attention, new clients, and the potential for a television show.

9. “Free Pizza with House Purchase”
Realty firm Keller Williams
house with free pizza, Williams Keller

Free pizza may not seem to improve the deal at first glance, but it does exhibit a strong sense of humor and get people’s attention. This sign rider went viral and was featured on numerous websites all over the internet. The pizza strategy has an unquantifiable quality. One Active Rain user even asserts that the same viral marketing tactic assisted in the 24-hour sale of a $1.5 million Texas home. The two-story, 4,700 square foot home in Memorial that Ryan Lankford’s mother is standing in front of received three bids on the first day after he persuaded her to add this enticing topping to her sign. The house, which was listed for $1.5 million, immediately became option pending.

Real estate agent “The R.A.P.”
Real estate agent Rafael A. Perez from Axia Real Estate Group
Rafael Perez put himself out there to make a purposefully bad rap video, and it worked. Funny real estate videos are hard to find. San Diego-based real estate agent Perez changed his approach after being advised that his real estate videos were too somber in order to stand out from the competition. He produced a mocking rap video on the San Diego market. He’s not a professional rapper, as is evident from the video, but that only served to make it funnier. More than 167,000 people have watched the movie, and as a result, Perez has received a ton of press coverage, page views, and queries.

Playing “Game of Homes”
Karla and Kurt Beuhler, real estate agents of Keller Williams, parody “Game of Thrones”

These flyers capitalized on the “Game of Thrones” cultural craze. Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister costumes made them stand out, make people laugh, and help them become remembered. This team is a no-brainer for people in their farm region who might be looking for real estate services and would like to chat GOT while property hunting.

“The Fortune Cookie” 12.
Real estate agent Wendy Cobrin, Berkshire Hathaway
Wendy Cobrin’s personalized fortune cookie

Changing things up keeps you memorable. Wendy Cobrin wanted to shake up her routine marketing, so she ordered personalized fortune cookies to inject a little luck into her budget. Cobrin generously distributes her fortune cookies to open houses, meetings with clients, conferences, and other events. She claims positive outcomes including the fact that customers consistently recall the cookies when questioned.

Thirteen. “We Buy Crack Houses… And Nice Homes Too”
Agent of real estate Kenny Rushing Rushing Home by Kenny
A Kenny Rushing Homes commercial

Not every real estate agent can successfully employ daring advertisements to draw clients, but Florida-based Kenny Rushing is able to do so to dominate his specific market. He not only controls the market for dilapidated properties in his neighborhood, but also attracts upscale homeowners with humor. His advertisements can be seen on anything that has a place for them, like the truck in the image above.

The Lamb in Space, 14.
The broker at Brad J. Lamb Realty Inc. is Brad J. Lamb.
The Toronto Lamb Ads by Brad J. Lamb

With the help of outrageous advertisements that earned him a stellar reputation and opened doors for him that he probably wouldn’t have otherwise had access to, Brad Lamb embraces his last name. For instance, the Lamb advertisements swept Toronto, earning him a reality TV show on HGTV called “Big City Broker.” Even a song by Canadian artist Owen Pallett called “This Lamb Sells Condos” has referenced Lamb’s advertisements. Despite all the attention, Lamb has continued to be successful at what he does best. The top condominium and loft brokerage in Toronto is Brad J. Lamb Realty Inc.

“Good to Meet You, Here’s a Can Opener,” 15.
Can opener as a real estate marketing tool, by Elizabeth Corbin, Real Estate Agent, ERA

The phrase offers a practical cooking item that everyone uses around the house and is cheesy but memorable. Can openers are a novel promotional item that Elizabeth Corbin employed to her advantage. Real estate agents are well known for giving out sports calendar magnets, key chains, and other trinkets that bear their names. I can open the world of real estate for you, your friends, and your family, says the can opener tagline, which might make a few people sigh but also make them chuckle. We’re willing to bet that Corbin received some excellent leads from this unexpected campaign, which was well-liked and quickly circulated over social media.

The ideal pop gift is a small inexpensive present like this. Check out our list of the Top 25 Pop By Gift Ideas for further inspiration. The ice cream scoop with the card that reads, “Call us on for the SCOOP on the current real estate market,” is my fave.

“Licensed to Sell” 16.
Realtor Jim Shavalian with Keller Williams
Ad for Jim Shavalian on a billboard

Advertising that takes advantage of popular culture is easily recognizable. Jim Shavalian gives James Bond a memorable, entertaining touch to make a lasting impression. He is competent, successful, and everything you could ask for in an agent. Even though these advertisements are unconventional, they attract attention and, ideally, generate quality leads for Shavalian.

Doritos Anyone? 17.
Dorita Mayeux, RE/MAX real estate agent
Dorita Mayeux’s real estate sign

Dorita Mayeux demonstrates that there are inventive methods to make yourself memorable when you have a unique first name. Her use of a well-known brand of chips sticks with you and is amusing and family-friendly. In fact, her new real estate agent headshot now includes the Doritos to help people remember her first name, Dorita, because it worked so well.

Headshot of real estate agent Dorita Mayeux

18. “Don’t Get Married… Simply purchase a larger home
Chris Clarke, RE/MAX real estate agent
Chris Clarke’s commercial on a billboard

While utilizing a very original advertising concept for this absurd real estate marketing campaign, Chris Clarke attempts to solve some marital problems. While we don’t know if Clarke’s campaign was successful, we do know that it generated a lot of discussion among couples on the way home. Divorces are probably more expensive over time for many than a straightforward house upgrade.

the conclusion
Not for the weak of heart, outrageous real estate marketing may be a terrific addition to your real estate marketing strategy if done correctly. You must have the courage to take risks, but choose ones that will generate conversation in your farming community. These real estate gimmicks increase interest in you and your services, which increases website traffic, media exposure, and ultimately leads.

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